Coaching and Mentoring

Do these statements resonate?

As a business owner, coaching and mentoring can help you in a variety of ways, helping you achieve more than you thought possible. This is very personalised and bespoke to you and your business.

When your business grows and you employ others you have a responsibility to those individuals. To be the best version of you in terms of your leadership skills and lead by example. I will encourage and support you to develop your own authentic leadership style, by identifying your values and strengths to build a positive culture, build trust and connect with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Overall, I can assist you in becoming more effective and successful in your business and personal life. Below are a few areas where coaching and mentoring can really help you. Providing guidance and support in navigating the challenges of running a business, such as time management, decision making and strategising.

Offering advice and assistance with developing and implementing a People Plan and gaining clarity on your values, vision and culture. Facilitating your personal and professional development, such as communication skills, time management, and leadership. Helping you to identify and overcome obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your goals and holding you accountable.

Providing a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off and receive feedback, your sparring partner, confidant and cheerleader. Share your dreams and fears and believe in the power or YOU.

Offering a different perspective, some time and space for you to think about your business and how to improve it.
Helping you to be more self-aware and confident in your own decision making. Understanding what makes you tick will greatly facilitate your ability to make confident decisions more readily.

As a qualified and experienced coach and mentor – I can help you achieve this and more.